Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cabana Magazine

I'm fascinated by what's happening with magazines at the moment. The effect of the internet has meant a rethink on all levels of design and consumerism. Main stream fashion magazines now have a constantly updating online presence, but this hasn't made them more desirable to me. What I have found most inspiring is the rise of the elite design magazine with a very focused edit. Magazines like The gentlewoman and Kinfolk, full of great engaging copy and beautiful imagery. But best of all is this new interiors magazine Cabana; it is stunning.
The attention to detail in the production.......from the choice of 7 silkscreen printed fabric covers by Pierre Frey, to all the different paper stocks used for the spreads inside......this is design heaven. I've tried to find out more about the magazine on the internet but could only find this review by Dryce on

This is not a magazine you will find in every newsagent, I bought my copy in Astier de Villatte, the beautifully quirky interiors shop on Rue St Honore in Paris, which also features in the magazine. There is so much to see, and feel and to be inspired by in this magazine, it is pure joy!