Monday, 4 July 2011

Coventry City Centre Health Facility - Digital Artwork Project

The main palette
One of my current work projects, is as colour consultant and arts coordinator for the new City Centre Health Facility in Coventry. Working with the architect Cressida Toon's vision, I have developed a colour palette based on Coventry's urban landscape, it's ever changing society and industrial heritage. This main palette is a mix of brick, slate, lead and copper in different states of erosion.Further subsidiary palettes have been developed for each floor, each based on a metal: Iron, Bronze, Brass, Copper and Steel. These palettes are for wayfinding, interior design and as inspiration for the artworks.
Third Floor - Copper, by Kelly MacPhee
As part of the arts programme, I set up a competition with Coventry University to design digital artworks for each floor of the centre; these large scale artworks are to be digitally printed onto wallcoverings and positioned to aid orientation around the building. Kelly MacPhee's designs were selected for all floors, her brilliant use of the colour palettes and the metallic themes, produced beautiful images that work from a distance and close up. I can't wait for the artworks to be installed!
First Floor - Bronze, by Kelly MacPhee