Friday, 24 August 2012

Finchley Memorial Hospital

It's been a really busy summer with two residential projects and my involvement with the redevelopment of Finchley Memorial Hospital. I love these first pictures of the finished hospital building taken by Benedict Luxmore, I think they really show the spirit of the architecture by Murphy Philipps Architects.
The greens of the colour palette I developed were inspired by the hospital's setting within a proposed health campus of therapy gardens, community gardens and playing fields; the gardens will be part of phase two to be completed next year. I have selected the levels of green to provide a sense of calm and reassurance while inspiring feelings of hope, renewal and rejuvenation.  
Green has traditionally been associated with hospitals. It is especially used in operating theatres where surgeons are carrying out close work involving red blood - to look away towards a level of green allows the eye to rest and refocus.